What is new in October release of Oracle SCS

In October (16.4.1) release of Oracle Sites Cloud Service we added a number of new features and capabilities that will help you with creating new hight-fidelity sites and developing custom components that make use of assets stored in Documents repository.

Preview site update in a new browser tab

You can now preview a site update in a separate browser tab. The URL for a site update has a user-friendly format so you can easily view it on a different device such as mobile phone.

New seeded components

Several new seeded components were added to the Site Builder:

  • Text: Plain text component that allows you to select HTML tag that will be used to enclose entered  text (<p>, <h1>,…,<h6> options are supported) and then format the text using styles defined in the theme
  • Video: Now you can stream Video in MP4/h264 format directly from the Oracle Documents Cloud Service repository
  • Conversation: This component allows you to select existing or create new Conversation that will be displayed on a page in your secure site.

Resource Links

Using download links to files in the Documents repository or sharing access to documents or conversation via Documents Manager or Conversation components has been made easy. You do not need to create Member or Public Links anymore, instead you have an option to select link that reference resource in Documents directly. Reference links are generated automatically, including for use in Documents Manager or Conversation components

Ability to use custom jQuery library in a theme

The version of jQuery used by Oracle Sites Cloud Service is now sandboxed. This avoids iQuery conflict between versions used internally by Oracle Sites Cloud Service and in third-party themes like Bootstrap themes. If you were previously using the Oracle Sites Cloud Service version of jQuery, then you must switch to using your own version.

Starter template

You can now use seeded Starter Template to create a new template and theme. The Creating New Theme in Oracle Sites Cloud Service post provides you with a step-by-step guide for using Starter template to create new theme.

Assets support in Sites SDK

SitesSDK has been extend to add new functions that allow you to use File Picker in your custom components to select assets from the Documents repository and then make use of selected assets, for example to implement custom Slider component:

  • SitesSDK.getProperty(‘componentAssets’, callback)
  • SitesSDK.setProperty(‘componentAssets’, [assets])
  • SitesSDK.filePicker({options}, callback)

For more details please refer to Sites SDK Reference.

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